In 2009, with the establishment of the ‘Rhône’ block, four very short rows of Muscat of Alexandria were planted at the west most end of the vineyard. While some fruit is used to produce the GSM2, the vast majority of the crop is left on vine for as long as possible and at the end of harvest, crafted into our fortified Muscat in a Rhône Valley ‘Beaumes-de-Venise’ style.

Tasting Notes

Colour: Gold

Aroma: The nose erupts with an alluring perfume: bright fruit characteristics come to the fore with fresh guava, pineapple, lychee, and orange marmalade. Behind the layer of sweet fruit there are complex spice notes (attributable to the whole-bunch ferment) of green pepper corn and ginger, evolving to a ginger marmalade note.

Palate: The palate is rich and viscous with honey suckle and tropical fruits. While syrupy and showcasing the flavours detected on the nose, the wine is underlain with bright natural acidity leading to a clean finish.

Closure: Diam

Technical Notes

The most difficult varietal to harvest at Pimpernel Vineyards, these grapes are so incredibly delicious that a few kilograms are lost each year to staff noshing. A very small amount (between 10-60kg) is harvested early each year and co-fermented with the Grenache component of the GSM2 for added perfume. The rest of the fruit is left on vine for as long as possible, and like the french style, harvested when brimmingly ripe – not botrytis-affected. Following harvest the bunches are crushed whole and commence fermentation in a small vat. Once the fermentation reached a certain level the vat is fortified with a brandy spirit. Pressed off the marc, the wine was then transferred to 10 year old+ barrels and matured with fortnightly topping. This is a Multiple Vintage (MV) wine comprising of 2015, 2016 and 2017 vintages kept separate in barrel until bottling in 2018.

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